Bergslagsleden (part 5-7)
Nature between Uskavi and Mogetorp 
47km trail
Memories from the past
The ruin is believed to be some kind of storage building for a Copper hut that probably stood a few hundred meters away. Behind the powerful walls of the ruin, the copper was safely stored against thieves and bandits. Then as now, copper is a high value.

There are magnificently how such a simple building can still be found after several hundred years of decay and how nature has taken back the site to their advantage.
A single Birch
Imagine this birch just enjoying the day's last warming rays. Because we all enjoy getting warm in the sun until it goes down for the day. Why would it be different for trees and plants. Even they are creations that need the sun as much as we humans. I think we humans have forgotten how important a lonely tree can be to our living situation. When should we wake up and realize that we are all needed for this earth to be around.
Birches in sunset
It is difficult to resist trees and plants that are reflected in water. It just exudes serenity and beauty. All trees are different and they exude even more beauty when it is reflected in the water. Maybe something we need to think about.
Still there
It's incredibly sad to find a metal pail in the forest. How can it be that it is left? who has left it? Many questions are asked that will be unanswered.

However, there is something beautiful in old barrels that rust. The red color only rust can get is incredibly beautiful in contrast to the green nature. If we add a glimpse of the sun, we create a masterpiece. A masterpiece that can only be created by the tooth of the time.
Spring frost in May
Get awake in a windshield and see that there is snow on the ground and frosted clad trees, does not sound like a morning in May but more like an autumn day. Spring and autumn are more similar to each other than we think. The weather can turn fast from sun and 20 plus to a few degrees minus and snow.

I had to experience it a late spring when I woke up in a shelter after the Bergslagen trail. It's such moments I enjoy. Nature is super to surprise.
Calm morning
Wake up outdoors, it's a bit chilly and the little snow has fallen during the night. You look away and there is a light mist on the glassy lake. Everything is easily touched by the white snow. The snow enhances the green, yellow and red colors of spring even more. You can lose yourself and believe it is autumn. It's just a quiet morning in May.
Forest lake
There is something beautiful when the water reaches land. For me, the break between land and water is very fascinating. It becomes even more fascinating when standing on land reflected out of the water and almost blurs the line between the two elements. Sometimes, water is so calm and reflection so strong that you can hardly distinguish what is what. In this picture, the reflection is not so strong but it becomes a photograph on a typical Swedish forest lake. We should not underestimate how beautiful a Swedish forest lake can be in the spring
Spring snow
Spring is approaching and it starts greening, then it happens that the snow suddenly comes and tries to hide the green. I guess it's natural way of controlling the tempo. Nature does not have to slide forward and stress as we humans do. It can take your time and just be.

There is nothing as beautiful as the newly opened leaves that are covered with snow. It becomes no less beautiful that the sun shines on them. Nature is divine and offers so many fantastic ways to say, check out me I'm beautiful and worth preserving.

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